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Image SAA_small
(SSPLab AudioAnalyser)

Maintained by:
Joby Joseph,

Funded by:
Devyani Haldar,

Research by:
Dr. K V S Hari,
Joby Joseph

Supported by:
Dr. T V Sreenivas,

Special thanks to:
Akash Narayana,
Satheesh S
Deepak R

SAA is a tool for analyzing audio signals in terms of its content. It is an opensource project released under GPL. It aims to have the following capabilities.
  1. Replicate human hearing system in terms of separating sources, recognizing speech and thus analyze the auditory scene. Examples are here
  2. Listen to the separated sources.
  3. Act as a osciloscope and specrum analyser for audio frequencies.
  4. It will accept inputs from files or a two microphone array setup whose construction would be described along with the project or else were.
  5. These processes can be done on any segment of the speech which has been input to the program.
  6. Other than this specialized function the software would do other processing like, synthesizing spatialized sounds from mono recordings, saving, cutting, splicing, normalizing, analysis via spectrogram, filtering using various kinds of filters and re-sampling.
In its present stage of development it has the capability to
  1. Record and save files, mono and stereo
  2. Normalize the the signals
  3. Act as a osciloscope and specrum analyser for audio frequencies.
  4. Play the processed signal
  5. Separate sources using recordings from a two microphone array (It is not real time at this stage so recording has to be done as a first step and the processed)
  6. View and listen to the separated sources and if necessary save them.
Program is supported on Linux. It is
  • written in C
  • uses
    • xforms from T.C. Zhao and Mark Overmars
    • libsndfiles by Erik de Castro Lopo
    • fftw3 libraries from MIT.

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